Our mission

Alamieh Company for the manufacture of chocolate is one of the oldest and most prestigious chocolate factories in the Middle East, based in Amman - Jordan, which was founded in 1996 by the father and teacher Rahma Allah Haj Mahmoud Mohamed Mustafa Al Ja'ar and established its principles which start in its activity and strategy with a comprehensive vision of high quality and modernization and development and looking forward to A high degree of diversity, expansion and global competitiveness so take care of the global chocolate industry.

  1. Research and development of modern machines and equipment
  2. Development of products and the development of new types with the highest freshness and prestige
  3. Human efficiency is the main role in providing the environment conducive to raise the level of performance and creativity and deepen loyalty
  4. Contribution of the company wherever it is in the dissemination of Islamic values ​​and concepts, in the civil solidarity and development and sustainable development and positive interaction with the environment and society.

It was not only thanks to God and our absolute faith in our vision, our reading of the future, and the relentless work that we can achieve in all the concepts of beauty, pleasure and perfection. All chocolate lovers feel all about mania and pleasure.